I'm David Harp.
I've taught more than a million people to blow their blues away on the harmonica.
And I've taught hundreds of thousands of people to meditate (with or without harmonica).
And many tens of thousands of other folk to play guitar, tinwhistle, and percussion.

One of my special delights lies in teaching people to play a musical instrument who thought they never could.
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Some of these folk thought (like I once did) that they were "tone deaf."
Others thought they were "too old."
Or not "smart enough."
Or that their "fingers didn't work well enough."
Or that because of asthma or COPD, they "didn't have enough breath."
Or because they were quadraplegics, or had MS, or Parkinson's, or Alzheimer's, or lived in an iron lung, that they'd never play music.
Or play music any more, if they used to play...
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It's been my pleasure to prove them wrong.
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Because there's an instrument for everyone.
And an effective, low cost method they can use to play that instrument.
Do you have a friend, a loved one, a patient,
or a client — or group — who'd like to make music?
Please click the "contact me" link, below. — david harp

My next scheduled HarmonicaYoga™ workshop is at The Kripalu Center, in Lenox, MA, runs from July 14- 19, 2013.
It's called HarmonicaYoga™:
How to Reduce Stress, Increase Mindfulness, and Blow Your Blues Away Instantly!
Please click on the link above to read about it. Or call this toll-free number 1-866-200-5203 to register.

I'll also be offering a one day
Mindfulness and the Art of the Harmonica: Play Blues, Rock, Folk, and Classical Music Today! at Manhattan's New York Open Center on June 30, 2013. Please click on the link for more information and to register, or call 212-219-2527 Ext. 2 to register.